Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Pick Me Up and WIP Wednesday

Late yesterday afternoon I had such a nice surprise in the mail . My scarf from the Ravelry exchange arrived . Marjorie (Whiskr ) from New Zealand very kindly volunteered to be my scarf angel after my initial partner bailed . The scarf is just gorgeous , so soft and just the most amazing shades of blues and purples . Love , love , love, it ! In the package she also included beautiful hand painted lace weight from Touch Yarns , a New Zealand fiber company , two balls of Louisa Harding angora/wool , pretty stitch markers from MissPurl . There was also a lovely calendar of the New Zealand wilderness and a bar of Manuka Honey soap which smells so nice . I really can't thank her enough, she made my day and then some !

Still suffering from the winter blahs . It's still snowing , though not as much as forecast it's still enough to shovel . I'm so done with snow ! Oh well , March is just around the corner and even though we usually get at least one good dump of snow then , it disappears fairly quickly . Enough with the pity party !!

Sunday was Chantal's birthday . She liked her ribbon scarf very much , as did a few members of her family, who would love to have me knit one for them. I haven't committed to do that because though the end result was beautiful , it's a mind numbingly boring knit . Plain garter stitch till you run out of yarn -kill me now ! Unfortunately as per usual I didn't think to get a picture ; maybe one day when she's wearing it .
This is the progress made on my EZ February baby sweater . I think I've got it right , finally ! The bird in hand mittens are all but done , just the weaving in of the ends and the "bird " to embroider on the thumb . So onwards and upwards knitting continues ....


sherriknits said...

I am really tickled that you got such a fun surprise in the mail while you are fighting the winter blahs. Soon it will be a distant memory.

Donna said...

What a great way to get rid of the blahs. All those bright gorgeous colours.
I absolutely love your Bird in the Hand mittens!

Monika said...

She's really an Angel, such a great surprise! The snow will be gone soon enough! It's pretty darn cold here too, but it will be over soon, it's getting lighter longer, that's good too.
Can understand about the garter stitch ribbon scarf, although I must admit, that I like garter stitch a lot. The February Baby sweater looks so lovely in this color. Congrats on finishing the mittens!

lexa said...

Nice package, that's for sure!

Our forecast for the weekend so far goes like this: Sat - snow or rain, Sun - rain, Mon - snow or rain and windy. I expect the month to be much like that. I can't wait for spring!

Shelley said...

Love the sweater, I am try to knit it too. I have got myself confused from the bit that reads at 4.5", work 25 stitches (in pattern?)and cast on 7 at each end of them (14 in total?) and what is the best way to add them at the end... see how confused I am. If you have any help to offer, I would really appreciate it! Thanks Shelley