Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring cleaning

I'm doing a little spring cleaning of the knitting basket . What you didn't think I meant housecleaning did you ? Spring has still not sprung here in Quebec , so the major housecleaning that signifies the end of winter will have to wait a bit ... too bad , so sad.

There are a couple of projects on the needles that have been there way too long , so while I may be tempted to cast on new knits, especially baby knits , I'm trying to do a cleanup of the WIP . First off the Monkey socks . according to my knitting journal these have been hibernating since August 2007 . It's time to get them done - it really shouldn't take 6 months to knit a pair of socks .

Speaking of babies , thank you for your congratulations on our upcoming grand baby . I've been spending a lot of time on Ravelry searching for knit patterns for babies . There's so much info available , both free and in books and leaflets , I don't think I'll ever run out of something to knit. My Ravelry queue is certainly getting longer and longer.

Having said that I'm not going to cast on any baby knits right now, there is a little top down cardigan that I just couldn't resist starting. It's my bring along project. I've been spending a lot of time with my friend Marie . She's not doing very well health wise and this winter has been extremely hard for her. She's unable to keep up with knitting socks these days , but is knitting some plain garter stitch ribbon yarn scarves. She needs something to occupy her and for the moment they fit the bill. Once a knitter always a knitter.


Monika said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend Marie. I was looking for Baby things to knit, just to see about the yds, because I don't want to knit the same things with my handspun, and I thought Baby cardies don't need that much yds. I don't think I'll be a grandmother any time soon, or ever. But who knows? Do you like the Monkey pattern?

lexa said...

We had such a lovely day here today, sunny and about +5C. Tomorrow, however, we're supposed to get up to 15cm of snow! Yee-uck! I've had more than enough of winter, that's for sure.

Baby knits are fun! There's so many out there I'm sure you'll find loads of patterns. Sorry to hear about Marie. Glad you're keeping her company!

Donna said...

Congrats on your new grandchild to be. Such fun to knit for the little ones and so many things to knit and it knits up so quickly!
Sorry to hear about your friend's health issues. Aging can be very difficult for some people!