Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jessey's morning with Omi

Jessey is having a difficult time adjusting to daycare , so he's been spending most mornings with me . Mike took this video with his camera today . In the video you hear me speaking my rather rusty German . Chantal speaks French to him , Casey English , I speak a mish mash of all three.

I have to tell you that the bunny in the video was given to him by Shirley as a little easter gift . At the time he was terrified of it , now it 's one of his favourites . Some days he pushes that little button so many times that I can't get the tune out of my head .

\PS , sorry the video is so long , I couldn't fiqure out how to edit it ....


lexa said...

He's so cute! Love it when he's singing and dancing with the bunny!

Lucky little boy -- he'll be trilingual! English, French, German. My Oldest One started French in school this year (grade 4). He really likes it. Hoping he'll do intensive French or the immersion when he's a bit older.

Monika said...

I loved hearing your voice, talking in German. Don't sound rusty at all! :o)
Jessey's right, he's so young, why go to daycare, when there's a nice young Omi at hand? :o)

Strickmuse said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun, enjoy the time with him at this cute stage, Omi.