Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas wrap up

Christmas has come and gone . We had a beautiful Christmas Eve with the family , lots of good food , laughter and special moments . As you can imagine our Christmas was extra special with Mason's early arrival . Mason pretty much slept through the whole thing , even though he was passed around like the proverbial hot potato with everyone oohing and aahing over him . One of my favourite pictures from Christmas Eve is this one of Jessey having a closer look at Mason . He's completely intrigued by his little cousin . He kisses him every chance he gets . Just think , next year if all goes well , there will be one more baby here at Christmas . What fun !

My bathroom scale is showing me the results off all that good food. One of the resolutions for the new year will be to get rid of those couple of extra pounds that I put on this fall and over the holidays . To that end Mike and I bought ourselves some cross country skis as our Christmas gift to each other . God knows we live in a place that generally gets enough snow over our long winter to make it a worthwhile purchase . We used to go skiing often , but somehow got out of the habit the last few years . We haven't tried them out yet as I'm still got that damn cold . I cough and cough and have absolutely no energy . If I'm not feeling any better in the next couple of days ,and the cough doesn't let up , I'll head over to the clinic early next week . Thankfully except for New Years Eve , this a quiet week . I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a little rest and lots of fluids will kick this cold .

As for the knitting most of what was important got done , the rest will be taken care of in the next week or so . I did finish the socks , pictures next time ....


CelticCastOn said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Jessey is sooooo cute :) Mason will probably be up and running by next christmas!

lexa said...

Happy birthday!! My Dad's birthday is tomorrow, but for years, up til I was probably 13ish, he celebrated on the 29th. He didn't know til he sent for a birth certificate that his birthday was the 30th and not the 29th, lol.

I have wanted snowshoes since I was a kid. I say every year I'm going to get some. So far we haven't had any snow, only one inch twice that was melted by the morning. I'd love to have skis, too, but I'm not sure we could get our money's worth.

I don't know if you saw on CBC tv or not, but there's a show coming on Jan 3 called Village on a Diet. Our town is one of three being considered for the next season of that show! We find out Jan 24 if we get it or not. It's between us, Drumheller, and a town in Quebec, I think. That would be wonderful incentive to exercise and lose weight. They follow 10 people closely, but they encourage everyone to participate. I think the goal is to lose 1 ton in 3 months.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and get a chance to try out those new skis.