Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Tuesday

I've been away from the blog for so long that it's hard to get back into the groove . I'm still in kind of a funk , probably due more to our crappy weather than anything else . I'm waiting for Spring , not so patiently . Don't know how many more grey , rainy , cold days I can handle . Tomorrows forecast , snow , freezing rain and very windy. Calgon take me away !

Just a small rant about the price of gas . I went out earlier to buy some Easter goodies for the grand kids and couldn't believe today's price at the pump , a whopping $1.43 per litre which translates to roughly $5.74 per gallon for those not on the metric system. Yesterday afternoon it was $1.28/litre . A 15 cent per litre increase for no discernible reason . What's up with that ! Just plain greed if you ask me . Here in Quebec we've seen about a 15 to 20 % increase in price since last year . That's mostly thanks to our lovely provincial government who applies a pretty hefty gas tax . Don't get me started on those bleepity bleep idiots . If I could vote them out I certainly would . The only problem here is that the alternative (sovereignists/separatists ) might actually be worse . Okay , rant over ...

One sign of Spring is the hockey playoffs . Our Canadiens have made it into the first round of post season play again . Keeping fingers crossed that they survive the series against Boston . If not I'll cheer for whoever is left standing . I would love to see the Stanley Cup come back home to Canada though ! If not the Habs , maybe Vancouver !?

I couple of weeks ago I played tourist in my town . I went to visit the Montreal Bio dome with Casey , Chantal and the kids . Yep even 10 day old Stella had a field trip . That's the kind of thing you absolutely have to do with an impressionable 2 1/2 year old . He just couldn't get enough of the animals ! I think he would have done the tour a dozen times if we'd let him . Stella slept through the whole thing .

As for the knitting , there's some finished knits , some almost done and not unexpectedly something new on the needles . I've been spending more time reading these days than knitting . I guess I'm an all or nothing kind of gal . The hockey playoff should up my knitting productivity . Yet another reason for wanting the Habs to do well ;-)) !

So that's it for today . I'll try and get my mojo to stick around for a bit . I'll have some knitting to show next time ....


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I feel your pain about the gas - we're a little lower here - about $1.32/L. It's still ridiculous.

And yes - some sun and warmth would be nice! This is the winter that just won't give up!

Monika said...

They told us that it would be a cold Spring this year. We saw snow yesterday, and some flurries today, and of course stormy winds. I had to turn on the heat again.
I'm reading in bed for a couple of hours. I used to read every free minute I had, I still enjoy it very much. Must go to the library and get some more books.

lexa said...

All it does is rain here, too. It's not right now, but by this afternoon it will be. The only two sunny days this week are Friday and Saturday, and both days I'll be inside all day (working the advanced polls for the election). Figures.

Our gas here is around $1.35/L, maybe $1.37, I can't remember exactly. It's crazy. Deisel is ridiculous, you wouldn't believe what we're putting in the big truck, and that's with a fleet disount. We've never ever paid this much for deisel at any of the companies he's worked for. His paycheques look good til I enter the fuel, lol.

Anonymous said...

The crazy jumps in gas prices drives me nuts. It goes up and down here and you never know WHEN it's going to be the time to buy.

I hate when I buy and then it goes down the next day. But, I sure feel good when I fill up and then it's up.