Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Covering all the bases

This post is to be WIP Wednesday , FO Friday (two days early) and Ginny's Yarn Along all rolled into one . With my dismal posting record for this year , I thought that I should strike while the iron is hot , so to speak .

 This is the first time that I'm officially participating in Tami's WIP Wednesday. Last week was all about the dishcloths , this weeks focus is socks . The deadline for the next shipment to The Warm Hands Network is September and I haven't completed nearly as many knitted items as I'd hoped to . The summer is just whipping by so I'd better get a move on .

As for the Yarn Along , another first for me , I've started reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See . This book has been on my shelf for what seems like forever , every previous attempt at reading it ended with my putting it aside . For whatever reason the story and the characters didn't capture me at the time . This time I've perservered and it's  growing on me . I'm a firm believer in there being a right and a wrong time to be reading a book . If I'm not enjoying it , it's back to the shelf for a later date , maybe. Life's too short ...

We've been having spectacular summer weather for the last couple of weeks . We've been enjoying the pool and are biking almost every day . My behind has finally stopped hurting !  Last Sunday we were invited to a BBQ hosted by some mutual friends of ours and Stef's family . Mason got to try out their pool and got his first swimming lesson from his Nanny . Doesn't he look like a little water baby !


Anonymous said...

That is one happy baby!

Your socks look a little bit like the ones I'm knitting.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Today's my first time on the WIP Wednesdays too! Officially at least.

I hear you about the Warm Hands timing; I better get moving on some socks too!

Kim said...

Sweet baby--such fun they add to our lives. I agree with you about the books and timing thing. I have run across the same situation over the years. I loved Shanghai Girls, but was taken aback by the ending until I found out there was a sequel to come--which is now out on shelves and happens to be sitting on my nightstand, waiting for that perfect time to be picked up and read!

RugbyMad said...

I LOVE your socks.

All that talk about swimming has made me even more upset that we are slap bang in the middle of winter and it won't be for about another 2 months that we get to do that again. Anyway we will push through!