Friday, August 24, 2012

It's been awhile

It feels like the last days of summer are upon us already . The days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler and the kids are going back to school. It's going by way to fast for my liking . We've had a wonderful summer . I spent a lot of time outdoors , in the pool trying to keep cool , under a shady tree reading and sometimes knitting and trying to keep up with the gardening /weeding .We haven't had very much rain this summer and the only thing that keeps on giving is the weeds . We 've had watering restrictions and the flowers are looking a little bedraggled and worse for wear. I didn't get on my bike as much as I did last summer, it was just too darn hot . I did however get in some early morning or late evening walks .

Lately reaping the harvest from the garden has kept me busy . We share a pretty substantial garden plot with our next door neighbours on land that is owned by Hydro Quebec . Hydro uses it to run a small feeder line and because it's on land that is zoned residential they have to cut the grass and maintain it . About 3 years ago Mike and our neighbour decided to plant a small garden there,  yup they're squatters . Hydro is aware of it because a few their crews have come down the street to do the maintenace on the lines , and they no longer send anyone to cut the grass . So far its a win/win situation . Of course over the years that garden has grown considerably . This year we planted about 20 tomato plants, some zucchini , green beans , cucumbers and peppers . Our neighbours Fred and Melanie have planted that and so much more, everything from beets, cabbage , broccoli and different varieties of greens , to strawberries and cantaloup . They are super enthusiastic gardeners to say the least . We 're stocking our freezers and sharing the extra with family and friends . All of our grandkids are always going over to see what's ready in Grandpa's garden and helping him pick something good to eat . Casey and Chantal have planted a small garden at their house too so Jessey and Stella can some fun .

 There is knitting to show you but 'bleepity bleep ' blogger won't let me upload my photo of the finished Cherry Lane socks for some reason . Here's the ravelry link . I really , really love these socks ! There are new socks on the needles already , cos you know , fall is just around the corner . Mason's sweater is at the top of my priority list for pretty much the same reason .So much to do so little time ...

That's it for today , till we meet again , have a good day ! Maybe blogger will sort itself out by then and I can actually show you more of what I've been up to... .


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until we live somewhere I can have a substantial veggie plot. I love veggies fresh from the garden!

The socks are beautiful. That cheery cherry color will keep you warm even if the wool doesn't. LOL

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I come from a family of farmers and growing up, I couldn't wait to put that experience behind me. Nowadays I buy veggies from the local markets and grow flowers and shrubs in every inch of available space in my garden. If I had the kind of space you're talking about I think I'd have every kind of day lily there is :)