Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October come and gone

I'm still here , but my blogging  mojo has disappeared lately  . With my father's six week stay and all the other family obligations I just can't seem to get back on track . I'm either too tired or just don't have the time , by the time I do have the time , there's not much to say . I have been doing some knitting but my spare time lately has been to escape into the pages of a book .

Health wise ,it's been one step forward and two steps back  lately . Step forward , the results of a second mammogram showed that there was nothing to worry about . Step back , I have some other health concerns and am waiting for  yet more results from  tests . I've been trying to see an ob/gyn but can't get an appointment till the middle of December . My own doctor is off for personal reasons . If I told the secretary that I was pregnant I'm sure that I could get in to see another doctor in a week or so .Somehow I don't think she's going to buy that so in the meanwhile I'm  trying to be patient and optimistic and hope for a cancellation .

Stella's hat and almost finished socks
My knitting step forward , this week I've been trying to finish my socks for the sock a month KAL . I just have the toe to finish off on the second sock . AND I finished  a pair of socks for Mike . The step back  , that hat for Stella which needs to be ripped back yet again and then lengthened yet again because Chantal thinks it should be a bit longer . I had Stella try it on before I sewed on the tassel and everything was fine , but this week it needs a do over . Grrrrrr ! I've modified this pattern to fit a two year old . I fell in love with it after seeing this one. Anyway I just have to bite the bullet and get it done , I just hope I have enough yarn left because the tassel and braids for the ties used up a ton of yarn .  Mason's sweater is all knitted up but the ribbing on the v- neck collar needs a do over . I don't think he'll be able to put it over his head as it is now . Then just sew in the sleeves and it 's done .Why I just can't get that finished is beyond me , but it's been sitting around for weeks already . I wish I had a little genie that would come in while I'm sleeping and voila ! DONE !

Bernat Sashay scarf

 Last but not least is this scarf for Linde , dad's wife . And she likes it ! It's not a yarn  that I'd knit with normally , but I liked the sparkles . A girl needs some sparkles once in awhile , especially this month ...

Onward to November ! Hope it's better than October ....


Anonymous said...

Sparkles make EVERYTHING better.

Sorry you are having health issues. I went through the gyn. thing a couple of years ago. It's frustrating to have to wait so long for appointments. Hope they get a cancellation so you can get in.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Everyone needs a few sparkles in their life!
Hope you're felling better soon!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Those sashay scarves are very cute once they're knit up, aren't they?

Some days and some months are tougher than others. I hope things start to get easier in a hurry!