Friday, May 16, 2014

Show and Tell

Ever since my cast came off  I have been a knitting fiend , albeit a fickle one . I guess I'm making up for lost time . Just before I broke my wrist I had two pair of socks in progress . After a couple of weeks with the cast , I was able to knit a few rows at a time , then gradually a bit more every day . Lo and behold , just before we left to come home I had a finished pair of socks .

Not so Vanilla socks
The pattern is Vanilla Latte on ravelry . The yarn was a impulse buy from my LYS . After our long  cold , dreary winter , I was in the mood for some colour and this yarn ( Lang Yarns Jawoll Color Aktion ) and another equally colourful one came home with me . The very nice thing was that included in the ball was a coordinating reinforcement thread . It is nice to have but I find that using it really bulks up the heel .

The second pair of socks are almost done , I just have to finish the toe on the second sock and sew in the ends . It should be done already except for the fact that I cast on for yet another pair of socks . But that's not my fault , more new sock yarn and this pattern made me do it .

Groovin' on a rainy afternoon
I mean really , could you resist ?

Have a wonderful weekend !


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Definitely some great colour!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I CAN resist. I think there will be a pair of Groovin' socks in my future. I'll have to dig through the stash to find just the right psychedelic color. I'm sure there must be some in there! LOL

Have a great weekend. Glad you are feeling much better and the cast is OFF!

Donna M said...

Love the socks! Glad to hear your cast is off!!

lexa said...

Love the socks! I really like the colors in the new pair. Yay for the cast being removed!!

Chrisknits said...

The new pair is gorgeous!!! Love the effect from the colors and patterns.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Love the groovy pattern and the groovy yarn. I hope you have appropriate mood music to knit to :)

Caffeine Girl said...

Ah, yes. The urge to cast on can be irresistable! I totally get it.

Caffeine Girl said...

Ah, yes. The urge to cast on can be irresistable! I totally get it.

Kelly Howard said...

Glad you're getting back on track, Frieda. The knitted socks look great for someone who recently broke her wrist. What exactly happened that led you to sustain that injury? Anyway, I hope that you're a hundred percent better, now that the cast is off. I love what you're currently working on, by the way. The colors are coming together really well and the pattern looks amazing. I hope I get to see the finished product soon. :)

Kelly Howard @ Compensation-Solicitors