Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Bingo's wondering what happened to spring and who ordered the snow. It sure was discouraging to get this much snow in April . The good thing is it doesn't last long , but still ... I'm ready for green grass and spring flowers.

Because of the horrible weather and spirits that needed lifting I decided to go to the LYS and do some stash enhancement . This was made particularly easy by a small winning I had with the loto last week . That cash was burning a hole in my pocket , let me tell you . I added a little more sock yarn and some sock needles to the stash. I bought a little more than these two balls , but gifted some to my friend Marie ,who has rediscovered the joys of sock knitting . This isn't as selfless as it sounds as I am sometimes the recipient of her efforts .

I started Mike's sock as well this week-end. The Lorna's Laces yarn kept whispering to my restless needles and begging to be cast on . What's a girl to do ? I quickly cast on another pattern from SKS . It's the stansfield # 10 ; I'm loving the yarn and the pattern. There is some pooling , but I feel that it'll make these socks unique , one of a kind. The colour in the pic isn't quite true, the main colour is a little more brown and a bit more grey than blue.
I'm still plugging away at my April socks. I'm just about at the toe decreases on the second sock . I always seem to get bogged down at this point . I'll give them a push tonight while watching American Idol . I'll also get some knitting time tomorrow as I'll be at the garage having the car checked. There's some funny noises coming from the front end , hoping that the financial damage won't be too great.

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Monika said...

So this Lorna's Laces is pooling too. I hated my LL socks because of that. I still have a couple of colorways in my stash, but I'm afraid I wont like it because of the pooling.