Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Starting out

So ... I'm joining the blogging community .I've enjoyed reading knitting blogs for awhile now and am amazed at how many terrific knitters there are out there . It's encouraged me to try new techniques and yarns and just generally to expand my horizons . I'm starting this blog primarily as a record of my creative life and as a way of sharing it .

Now having this intro out of the way - on the needles - sock #2 of the waffle rib pattern from More Sensational Socks . I just love that book ! I'm using Regia cotton surf and 2.0 mm needles . I'll get the camera out and take pictures for the next post .

Also on the go is a girls bolero pattern by sirdar . I'm not loving the pattern instructions ; having the attention span of a flea these days , I'm finding their row by row instructions a bit of a pain . The deadline is May as this is intended as a birthday gift for a friends' grand-daughter .I'm such a good procrastinator .

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