Friday, January 11, 2008


I can't believe we're already into the second week of 2008 . We had a wonderful start to the new year with Casey and Chantal's wedding . We were all a bit nervous , because planning this at a distance, you're relying on the integrity of people you don't know. Everything just went perfectly , from the minister, who somehow made this occasion very personal even though she'd never met the bridal couple , to the photographer, limousine driver , PapaBear who drove us all to Magen's Bay and the great ladies who cooked up a terrific beach BBQ for after the wedding. Later in the day we had a small reception back on the ship. The rest of the trip was just sun,rest and relaxation and way too much food. The meals on a cruise ship are just stupendous . I think we all gained a pound or two while we were away.
Back to reality was a little rough . The weather here has been just terrible , rain, freezing rain , snow and then more rain . Unbelievable amounts of rain . Casey had a minor flood in his basement , the sump pump just couldn't keep up with all that rain . Thankfully we were home when that happened or it could have been much worse . I've been battling the mother of all colds all week. This is the first day that I actually feel like myself . What a difference a week can make ... but still it 's been a very good beginning to 2008 !


lexa said...

Gorgeous pictures! Glad everything went well.

We've had unusually warm temperatures here lately, and last night it rained so hard it washed out my tv signal. Even had thunder and lightning. I'd gladly keep the warmer temperatures, but Monday's forecast is unfortunately for snow. :(

Monika said...

Oh, what a wonderful wedding. Beautiful pictures! The couple is so cute, and I love Channtal's dress, looks like a cloud. What a rude homecoming, weather wise. Isn't it awefull?! We had a flooded basement too, the carpet floor is still not entirely dry.
I wish you a Happy New Year, and hopefull the cold will soon be gone!

sherriknits said...

Wow! What a beautiful wedding! I do hope you recover quickly, I'm glad you at least had downtime after the wedding, what a dream!