Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New on the needles

Thankfully the dishcloth mania has subsided. That's not to say that there's no knitting going chez moi . Au contraire I have two new projects cast on. One is an easy peasy garter stitch scarf intended as a birthday gift for Chantal.

The yarn is Bernat's Matrix ribbon yarn . It was a steal at Zellers - 6 balls for $5.00 . A while ago Chantal had requested a scarf made out of this type of yarn . She wanted a little scarf to dress up an outfit , as opposed to keeping her warm . I couldn't find any ribbon yarn at any local LYS , but scored this at Zellers last week. Can't go wrong with the price , but it's a pain to work with . This is my mindless, knit in front of the TV project.

The second and much more enjoyable project is Kate Gilbert's "Bird in Hand " mittens .I fell in love with these the first time that I saw them on the net . I've only ever knitted plain mittens and even then only a couple of pairs , so I'm definitely no mitten expert .Knitting these has added to my repertoire . I now know how to knit a picot edge and do an Estonian braid . Not very well mind you , but it's a beginning . Since I took these pictures I've ripped them back to the beginning of the thumb gusset increases. I really wasn't satisfied with the increases and have re-knit that portion . I'm a bit worried about having enough yarn . I'm using Knit Picks Telemark and as far as I can tell I've got gauge , but my first ball of the blue is disappearing very quickly . Anyway so far I'm very happy with the pattern and the yarn . Can't wait to get at least one mitten off the needles .


lexa said...

Very pretty, both things! So far I've only knit plain old mittens and felted mittens. I did do toddler sized Newfoundland or "honeycomb" mittens once. I'd like to try colorwork socks and mittens sometime.

Monika said...

I don't like working with ribbon, but the effect is always lovely.
I like the Bird in Hand mittens too, your color choice is very nice. :o)