Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Feet

I've got a gazillion things I should be doing today instead of blogging but I wanted to finally show some socks off the needles . There's been quite a dry spell hereabouts with the sock knitting . A completed pair is surely an event worth noting . Not only that , there's another pair in the works , let the bells ring and the birds sing !

Despite the splitiness of the yarn while I was knitting them , I'm very happy how the they turned out. They feel wonderful on the feet. This is such a great pattern - Cross Hatch Lace by Charlene Schurch from" More Sensational Socks " .

Alaska was over on the week-end with Max and Stef . They were in the pool trying to stay cool . He found his own way of staying cool . He's such a character !
Anyways , off to mow the grass...


lexa said...

Both pairs look great! Look at that gorgeous dog -- what beautiful eyes! :)

Monika said...

Love your new socks! Max pictures are wonderful. He looks so wise.

Donna said...

Love green socks, both pattern and colour! The others are lovely as well.
How handsome is the dog?!