Monday, November 17, 2008

Socks and a movie review

I finally have a finished knit ! Christmas socks for Chantal came off the needles yesterday . Yippee!!These will be my November socks for the Sock-a -Month KAL .

I've been itching to start something new so I'm glad these are done . The pattern (Garter Rib ) is from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch . Nice easy knit , great take along knitting . The yarn is Regia Cotton Surf . Purple is Chantal's favourite colour , so this yarn was always destined to socks for her . It's been lingering in the stash for a while . Next up - toddler socks for BF Shirley's granddaughter , Emma .

I signed up for a 3 hour drop spindle class at Ariadne Knits a LYS in downtown Montreal a couple of months ago .I've never been to that particular shop but had read about the classes on ravelry 's Montreal Knits group . I 've been wanting to try my hand at spinning for a while now but don't really want to go the expense of a wheel , at least at first . The class is next Sunday afternoon and I'm so looking forward to it . We'll see what transpires , will another obsession be born ?

Mike and I went out to dinner and the movies with some friends on Saturday night . We went to see the new James Bond flick " Quantum of Solace " . It was fun , entertaining , lots of action but IMHO not quite as good as the last one (Casino Royale ) . This one begins where the last one left off , so if you haven't seen the previous film it might leave you a slightly bewildered in the beginning . I also found the ending somewhat of a let -down , with some unresolved plot lines , so I'm guessing we'll be seeing more of Daniel Craig as James Bond . Having said that I do like him as the new Bond and overall like the tone of these two recent films . I found them to be more true to Ian Fleming's character and his books than the movies starring Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan . Still worth seeing if only for the action and the stunts which are really best seen on the big screen .

I've got to head out for a walk with Bingo and then go and get my annual flu shot . That season is upon us . Thankfully my cold is over with , except for a cough which always seems to stay with me for a while .


Donna M said...

Love the socks! My oldest daughter's favourite colour is purple so any purple sock yarn usually goes to her!

I will say I totally agree with your review of the movie. I enjoyed Casino Royale better and would have been lost had someone not suggested we watch it again before we went to this one. That was a great help.

Also, next to Sean Connery, Daniel Craig is definitely my favourite Bond!

lexa said...

The spinning class sounds like fun. Hope you enjoy it!

The socks are pretty, I love purpley colors. :)