Monday, March 9, 2009

Tickled Pink toddler socks ...

... fresh off the needles . I can't believe there's till yarn left ! Maybe there 's enough for some wee baby socks .

We had such nice weather this weekend that the knitting was put aside to enjoy the fresh air . It really felt like spring might be just around the corner .Today it's back to winter, with cooler temps and snow , so back to knitting . I'm anxious to gift these mother /daughter socks while it's still cool enough to wear them .

Aside from enjoying the weather we spent part of Saturday costing out the downstairs bathroom renovation planned for this spring/summer . Our bathroom downstairs is badly in need of an overhaul . The federal government renovation tax credit (part of their economic stimulus package ) was an added incentive to get going on this project . I guess I have to thank Stephen Harper for at least one thing , much as I can't stand the man or his party . Max will be helping Mike with a good part of the work . The plan is to have it all done before Max's wedding so we can accommodate out of town guests . Can't wait to get going !

Casey was over early Saturday morning with Jessey . He wanted to give Chantal a chance to sleep in . Bonus visit with the little man ! Yesterday they were all here for Sunday brunch . It's nice to have them all together , it makes my week !


Monika said...

Nice socks, the color makes me think of Barbie, and cotton candy. Your grandson is a very cute little button! :o)

lexa said...

He's a cutie! Our weekend was gorgeous, too, especially Saturday. (So you know I had to work all day!)

Did you win on your Roll Up the Rim? lol! So far all I got is a donut.