Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The best laid plans

I've had my butt kicked with the baby jacket . I'm seriously behind with this project . At this point I'd hoped to be working on the matching pants ! Witness the progress as of this morning ...

The instructions for this pattern leave something to be desired . The real problems began with the attempt to attach the sleeves on the circular needles . There are 247 stitches on the needle at that point and the underarm gap was only three stitches wide , meaning that working the first few rows was a nightmare of kinked cable , dropped stitches , frogging back when the pattern didn't match up . You name it went wrong . I think I'm on the right track now , but keeping fingers crossed that everything lines up in the proper place. On the plus side having to do this for a second smaller sized jacket I should have all the kinks worked out , so progress should be quicker .

We had the most gorgeous weather here this past weekend . I dug out a lawn chair and sat outside for a bit on Saturday . Unbelievable for the end of March ! We turned off the lights for Earth Hour and read by candlelight . Apparently here in Quebec energy consumption only went down by 5 % during that time, which is not as good as some other provinces . Maybe next year we'll do better .

Off to have lunch with Shirley and then bring Bingo to the groomer . I'll have a brand new pup when I get him back .


lexa said...

Hope things go better with the rest of the knitting and the patterns. It's looking really cute, though. :)

Our weather was wonderful on the weekend, especially Saturday. Break out the BBQ! Today is chilly and windy with flurries. Hopefully it will warm up the rest of the week. I want to start cleaning my yard up, and the truck really needs to be vacuumed out.

Monika said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. IT's horrible to knit with a deadline.
I've heard that this year Toronto used 15% less electricity during Earth Hour, last year it was only 7%. We've had nice sunny days here too. It will get rainy tomorrow though, but the grass is growing and I think next week, I can cut the chives!!! :o)