Monday, April 13, 2009

Coming up for air

Lately knitting has taken over my life . I've been knitting away like crazy and all I have to show for it is this ...

Yup , just this sweater . It's still without buttons because Chantal wants to choose them . As for the matching pants , they are now history . I'd got down to the division for the legs when we had Jessey try them on . Mom wasn't happy with them and decided to forget about having matching knit pants . She's looking to purchase something more to her taste. Suits me because having to knit two of these sets in such a short time was wreaking havoc with my love of knitting . Lesson learned . Currently working on sweater #2 . I made some modifications to the pattern as written so #2 should be off the needles much sooner .

I took a little break last weekend to go shopping . I haven't done that in ages . I'm starting the search for an outfit for Max and Stef's wedding . So many of the dresses for these occasions have all kinds of glitz and glitter , so not my style ! And the prices give me sticker shock . Oh well still have a few months before the big day . Men have it so easy , rent a tux and you're done .

The kids were over for brunch on Saturday , because of other obligations for Easter Sunday . I made them each an Easter basket and off course had to get something extra for Jessey . Here he is enjoying his gift from Omi and Grandpa . He 's 6 months old now and teething , so everything goes in his mouth . We bought an exersaucer thingy which we'll keep here so that he'll have it when he's over . He jumps like crazy when he's in it ; makes me laugh .
Anyway back to the sweatshop and sweater #2 .


lexa said...

They love those exersaucers! The little sweater is sweet.

Donna M said...

What a little sweetie! And the sweater looks lovely too!

Glad to hear you don't have to do the pants as well as the 2 sweaters!

Monika said...

The sweater looks very cute. At least one is done! Your grandson is a cutie too. At this age you can almost watch how they grow and learn.