Thursday, April 30, 2009

That's it for April !

Mission accomplished ! Sweater #2 is on it's way to baby Marek . Monika is choosing the buttons and sewing them on . I'll post another pic when I get it back for a photo shoot . I'm happy with it overall .

I finished the April No Rainy Days socks for SAM. There was a knot in one ball of the Regia yarn , so they don't quite match . Normally this would bother me , but I'm going with the flow with these . I love them anyways and the colours make me happy !

More good news , I found a dress for Max's wedding ! In my size , no alterations needed except for possibly the length , it's a miracle ! Now for shoes ....


lexa said...

Congrats on finishing the baby sweater! Cheery socks. I went shopping today for something to wear to the banquet Saturday night. I got shoes, pants, and two tops, but I doubt I'll end up wearing either top. I can see me end up going in my usual outfit. (I'm not dressy, so dressy stuff is very, very limited.) I used to love shopping, but now I hate it. Everything they had I thought was pretty much butt ugly. (Maybe fine if you're a size 6.) No wonder I'm not in style!

Donna M said...

I pleased to see your sweater #2 is finished and your socks look fine, despite the knot. I HATE knots. They never seem to tie the right ends together!
Congrats on finding a dress for the wedding. One big job done!