Friday, April 24, 2009

This and that

Whew , another week has already gone by ! I've been babysitting Jessey this week while Chantal prepares for a dance show going on this weekend . She stopped teaching this year because of Jessey , but still helps out with the shows . I had so much fun with the little guy this week , the time just flew by . I enjoyed the one on one time , getting to know him . It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they change at this age . I forgot to bring the camera so no photos , too busy anyways , he kept me hopping :0 .

The knitting time has been infrequent this week , but steady progress is being made on sweater #2 . I'm knitting the raglan decreases and have almost reached the neck decreases . I'm trying to do this when I'm not tired . I don't want a repeat of all the frustration and ripping out of the first one . I've finished one sock though . It's the easy peasy garter rib pattern , which seems to be my go to pattern when I don't want to concentrate . I was cleaning out my knitting corner and found another sock on the needles . I think it's been there for at least a year or more . May socks already decided !

This last pic is of Bingo . He has this unexplainable really bizarre reaction to Mike whenever he manages to get home for lunch . He shakes and shivers like a leaf as soon he hears him pull up and park in the driveway and then goes to look for a place to hide . This only happens at lunchtime ; he's completely fine when he gets home in the evening . And only with Mike , which completely baffles me as he's never shouted at him or mistreated him in any way , ever . Here he is in his hiding place underneath the throw on the couch on the family room .He'll stay there till Mike leaves . He's 12 so I'm guessing that this is somehow age related . It started happening from time to time about 2 years ago , but now happens whenever Mike comes home at lunch during the week . I mentioned it at the vets and they are as puzzled as we are . I don't know what to think , he's as sharp as can be in every other way , just this weird crazy lunchtime behaviour .

Looking forward to some nice weather tomorrow , too bad I have to to continue the search for a bleepity, bleep dress for the wedding . I really hate clothes shopping , nothing ever fits properly or it costs the earth . Last weekend we ventured down to the garment district in Montreal where a lot of the manufacturers are open on Saturday mornings . They have better prices than the retail shops ; the problem is that their sample sizes are anywhere from a 2 to an 8 . Now I'm nowhere near that . Actually most mothers of the bride or groom are nowhere near that . Would it kill them to have some choice nearer the size of the average woman ? We also went to a shop that is well known for their reasonable prices on evening wear . The salesperson asked me my size and showed me what was available . Well , when I came to try on a couple of dresses I couldn't even get them over my bust . Now , I'm not that amply endowed and everyday clothes in my size fit . I ended up trying on dresses that are at least 3 sizes bigger which then needed altering on the bust or shoulders just to fit my waist . I think there's something wrong there . I wonder how the fashion industry sizes their clothes ?

Dress shopping shouldn't be this hard , frustrating and humiliating .In case you're wondering I'm a size 16 and I have a shape. I know I could and should lose a couple of pounds but geez louise make it a bit easier on the average middle-aged mom of the groom to dress up for her son's wedding . We come in all shapes and sizes .

Rant over , so more of the same tomorrow . Heading over to St Hubert street which is bridal shop alley in Montreal . Wish me luck , something tells me I'm going to need it...


lexa said...

Sizing is crazy nowadays. My mother weighs about 125lbs maybe. She buys XL shirts and stuff and complains they're too tight! I swear XL is now like S-M compared to 20 years ago.

Donna M said...

Dress shopping totally sucks and is totally demoralizing! I was lucky with the first one and found one on the rack and had the second one made for me. Expensive but worth it not to have to keep shopping for weeks and months!!