Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Benylin day

No , I'm not sick with a cold but I feel like I could use a day of playing hooky . I'm attributing these blahs to the lack of sun these days . January has been unusually warm , grey, and rainy . I'm not complaining about the warm so much , but the dull skies are getting on my nerves .Rain here ends up being treacherous as soon as everything freezes . According to the weatherman we should see the sun today . Hurray !!!

Jessey has been sick again , consequently I've been babysitting . He's finally better and back to daycare . Omi is having a teeny bit of Jessey withdrawal today. That also accounts for the blahs . He is just such a ray of sunshine , even when he's sick . He loves to cuddle with you .

Baby sitting means little knitting time and by the end of the day Omi 's get up and go has got up and went . Hence no finished knits . I'm at the second sleeve of Delphine's sweater . I bought buttons for it last weekend so it shouldn't be long now , especially if I take a Benylin day .

Have a good day , hope it's sunny where you are ....


Monika said...

We've the same grey weather here. Actually the sun peaked out a couple of times, just or a minute or two.
I've been reading until 3:13 in the morning and had to get um at 7:30, so I'm a little blah myself. I drank coffee, which I never do, because it does me no good, but I did not know how to get through the day otherwise.
Looking forward to see the little sweater.

Donna M said...

We have just enough peeks of sun here in NS to keep the blahs at bay. At least for me anyway!

Enjoy your benylin day!

Not ready for handspun said...

Family time always wins over knitting! That's the great thing about knitting - it waits patiently until you have time!