Monday, February 1, 2010

Who turned off the heat ?

After saying what warm rainy weather we've been having someone came along and turned off the heat . It was sooooo bitterly cold this past weekend . Not great to spend time outdoors but wonderful weather to stay home and knit .

Delphine's little sweater is done . Not much knitting was accomplished on my so called "benylin day " . You know what the say about the best laid plans not always working out . Anyway it did get done and though I still have some issues with the sleeves , I'm pretty happy with this little sweater . You can find the details here on my Ravelry page . This time I made some notes to help with the sleeves should I ever knit it again . Depends on whether or not some one ever gives me a little granddaughter :-))


Not ready for handspun said...

It looks gorgeous - the little one can't help but feel loved wrapped up in such beautiful lace!

Donna M said...

Great job on the little sweater! It is so feminine and dainty! She will love it.

No heat down here either!!

lexa said...

We're in a cold snap, too. It sucks cuz so far this winter it has been really nice, not too cold at all. Now it's making up for it!!

Love the little sweater, pretty yarn. :)

Monika said...

But it IS a cute sweater! Perfect for a little princess!