Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just under the wire

Done, done , done and just in the nick of time . It seems that knitting a shawl and watching the Olympics leads to a lot of unknitting in my case . It really should have been finished sooner except for the fact that one row of the spider lace pattern gave me no end of problems . I kept repeating the same mistake over and over again . Anyway it's done , but still needs to be blocked . I ended up doing only 10 repeats of the main pattern . The finished size looks to be just what I'd hoped for .
I'm sorry that the Olympics are over . There were so many memorable moments from Alex Bilodeau starting Canada's run for gold to Joannie Rochette's performance through personal tragedy right through to the last event , the Canada versus USA hockey game . What a nail biter that was ! Not to mention all the athletes from the world over who gave us their best performances and were a thrill to watch .
I'll be away from the computer for a few days . I'll be replacing my former boss who's taking a week off for March break . It's a family run retail business and none of regular employees are available early in the week . I'm a little nervous , having the responsibility of keeping things running even if it's just for a week . Wish me luck !


Not ready for handspun said...

Good luck at work - but I'm sure you'll be great. And what concentration and focus you must have to be able to knit lace through hockey! Your shawl is gorgeous.

lexa said...

Goreous shawl! Glad you finished in time. That was some hockey game. I decided I'd never be able to go to anything like that in person -- I'd be smacked in the face or end up smacking someone! It wasn't pretty when the US scored with twenty-some seconds left on the clock. I can't handle the stress, lol! I will miss watching the Olympics, but it will be nice to have regular tv programming back. :)

Donna M said...

Your shawl is gorgeous! I got mine posted just as the flame was being extinguished.
Good luck going back to work. I'm sure you will do fine and really enjoy it for the few days!