Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby cuteness

You might remember the baby sweater knitting binge I had going on last fall . Earlier this week I received an email with this photo attached . How cute are these two strapping little guys ! Can you believe that they weighed little more than 3 pounds each at birth . I just can't get over how much they've changed since I saw them last . This photo made my day !
I'm still working on my Wakefield socks . I've got one done and am at the heel on the second one . They'd be done if I wasn't constantly stopping to pet the loveliness that is the Tanis yarn . These socks were supposed to go in the gift box , but they might just end up with yours truly . The set deadline to have them done is tomorrow in time for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics . It should be no problem especially with the season opener of Survivor on tonight . I'm still a fan even after all these years .


Not ready for handspun said...

Adorable ... and so are the sweaters! Yes, it's very hard to give away socks when the yarn is so fabulous!

lexa said...

Now how cute are those sweaters being modelled?!?!?

Donna M said...

How sweet is that?! The sweaters look great. You must be so pleased.

Can't wait to start my Olympic project tomorrow night!

Monika said...

Those are the must cuddly looking babies I've seen in a long time. So very cute! Love their sweaters! :o)