Friday, February 19, 2010

Knitting Olympics update

Coming to you from the Short Track Shawl event . No medal in sight yet , but ever hopeful . The shawl looks pretty much the same as this photo , only larger . I've completed 7 repeats of the main spider lace pattern . After tinking back several times I've finally got the pattern in my head . I'm looking at the size so far and I'm guesstimating that I'll have to do at least 12 repeats to get the shawl size I'd like . With just over a week left in the competition things are looking good for completion before the closing ceremonies , barring any unexpected setbacks .

We woke up to a few centimetres of snow this morning . Just when I thought that possiby spring was not too far away . I actually wore shoes this week instead of boots when I went out . So much for that .

With the spring fever came an urge to cast on something green . Here's the next pair of socks on the needles . These are the Summer Lovin Socks . You surely didn't think I could be faithful to only one project did you ? I baby sit Jessey on Wednesdays and wanted a small portable project and these socks fit the bill . Not that I get a chance to sit and knit when he's around , but he does nap for a bit in the afternoon . I love my Wednesdays with Jessey , it's just the two of us , special one on one time . The day just flies by .

Have a good weekend with lots of time to do whatever your heart desires ...


Donna M said...

Keep up the good work on your shawl.

I am almost ready to start the sleeves of my sweater. Fingers crossed I finish before the deadline!

lexa said...

My Olympic shawl pattern has 92 rows in it, then you go back to a certain row and keep repeating from there. I have done 92 rows so far, and a lot more to go!! I am working on other stuff as well. I can't bring it to work, I'd be lost. Plus the kids are needing mittens, so I work on it when I can concentrate, even though I still seem to mess something up every few rows! Fingers crossed that I can get it done in time. I keep thinking it's just one skein of sock yarn, but boy, it sure doesn't seem to be getting much smaller!

Have a good weekend. :)

Not ready for handspun said...

Aaah, lovely green socks. Funny I have the same feeling ... that I need some spring!