Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Canada !

What a weekend ! I've never watched so much TV . We were glued to all the Olympic coverage , starting with the starting with the unbelievably beautiful opening ceremonies to Alex Bilodeau 's terrific run for the gold medal . The opening brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion . Vancouver did us all proud ! We're 3 hours behind Vancouver time so I'm feeling the effects of a weekend of late nights , but it is so worth it .

Knitting updates : The Wakefield socks were done on Friday evening just before Olympic coverage started . Talk about cutting it close !
This was a super pattern and I'm really happy with the finished socks .The Tanis Fiber Arts is absolutely wonderful to work with. I won't wait so long to use up the other skeins in the stash .

I had my Ravelympics project chosen and the yarn at the ready but I didn't cast on till Saturday . Lace knitting and charts mixed with TV are a recipe for disaster for me . Plus we had friends over and there was food and drink involved . As it was I ended up tinking back a few times . Things are going more smoothly now that I've worked a few repeats of the spider lace pattern . I didn't want an overly large shawl , but using lace weight yarn instead of the recommended sport weight is making it considerably smaller than I'd hoped . That means more repeats before starting the edging . I'm an awful judge of how much yarn is needed when attempting a shawl . I'm playing it safe with this yarn ,1260 yds should be more than enough to give me a decent sized shawl . I'm patting myself on the back for continuing to use what I have on hand . February 15th and so far so good vis a vis the yarn diet . Wish my diet to lose weight , was going as well . Oh well , one day at a time ...


lexa said...

I've been watching the Olympics a lot, too. Yesterday was spent flipping between the Olympics and the Daytona 500. (That is when the D500 was actually running and not stopped to repair the track!) I haven't been totally faithful to my shawl for the Ravelympics, I have other projects on the go, and one has a time limit as well. I have faith I'll finish it in time -- it's only one skein of sock yarn that I had in my stash for going on two years. :)

Monika said...

I love your socks! I've been craving "red" lately, so these really popped. :o)
I couldn't watch all of the Olympic opening night, because I've got the flu. If I had known K.D. Lang would sing, I would have stayed up, even feeling crappy. Nice lace project!

Donna M said...

Go Canada! Great coverage on all the channels so I'm not missing much! Can't wait for the Pairs FS tonight!