Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let the bells ring !

They're done !!!! Thanks in large part to a snowy Tuesday and the NHL playoffs .

The Montreal Canadiens played their hearts out last night , one game from elimination . I was kept glued to my seat for the duration of the game , it was that exciting . I swear the more intense the game became the faster I knit . I'm so glad the Habs survived to play in the next round . I'm even more glad that these socks are finally off the needles .

Specs :

Pattern : Summer Lovin' Socks by Knitting Nonstop. I knit them on 2,00 mm dpns . The yarn was Regia 4ply , colour 1092 , which is a really bright green . It is a very nice pattern , but I have issues with the fit . I found them to be a little loose . Looking at others on Ravelry I didn't see anyone with that issue so it's probably that I knit looser than most even on 2,00mm needles . I wasn't going down another needle size no matter what . I'm hoping that the intended recipient likes them and that they fit her better than they did me .


lexa said...

Pretty socks! I love green. :)

Not ready for handspun said...

Congratulations to your Habs. And congratulations on finishing your green socks - you're way ahead of me!

Strickmuse said...

They look great and I love the color, a wonderful green.
thank you for stopping by on my blog frequently and leaving comments. I am always very happy to hear from you.

Louise said...

The socks look great. I always knit my socks using 2.25mm and always refused to go any smaller but I broke down and I am using 2mm for my current socks but this is really where I am drawing the line!