Friday, April 9, 2010


The last time I posted here was on the 29th of March . A blogaversary has come and gone as has Easter . What can I say except that life has been full with never a dull moment . Jessey has been sick yet again and has spent most of his weekdays with me . That'll keep you busy ! He's on the mend but I hope that his immune system picks up so he can fight off the mighty daycare germs . Here's some pics of the little monkey taken over Easter weekend . Here he is sharing his Easter chocolate with Gizmo , who you can see at the bottom right of the photo . Shes always trying to mooch something and Jessey is usually quite happy to share .

Here he is going down the new slide that Grandpa and Omi bought . You might get the idea that we are just about ready to open our own home daycare . Mike keeps telling me that I've got to stop buying baby stuff . I live in hope for more grand kids so it won't go to waste . It's like the Scout motto "be prepared " . That's my story and I'm sticking to it ...

Knitting wise there's not much new to show . My right shoulder has been really sore , reason unknown , but knitting isn't helping it .Consequently I'm only working on the shawl for a few minutes at a time so there's not much more to show . The green socks are hibernating at the moment . I 've fallen out of love with that project . Trying to get my mojo back where they're concerned , but it seems that I'm in a shawl knitting mood these days . I broke my vow to knit only from stash and bought some new yarn . I was feeling a little deprived that day so indulged in a couple of new purchases . Two of these are for shawls and the others are an attempt to get the sock love back . More on that in another post .
Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend !


Not ready for handspun said...

Pretty colours! Sometimes my shoulder gets sore if I knit on the sofa with my arm on the armrest. My Mom used to get sore shoulders from resting her elbows on tables that were too high for her stature. Whatever the reason, I hope you feel better soon!

Monika said...

Look at your grandson how fast he's growing! He's lucky to have such lovely granparents!
Sometimes we need either chocolate or some new yarn (or fiber), that's just the way it is. :o))))

lexa said...

He looks like a little boy now, where'd the baby go?!?!?

Lovely new purchases. My right wrist has been bothering me, so I've had to watch how much I knit lately. I've been cranking out a sock tonight, hope I didn't overdo it!