Monday, June 21, 2010

40 inches or so

It's all baby blankets all the time . The two blankets measure up to about 40 inches or so . I say or so because every time I measure the darn things the measurements change . What's with that ? The red one is 21 " long , by my calculations another 9 " and I'm done . A couple of people asked about the yarn that I'm using . It's Bernats' Soft Boucle , beautifully soft , light as a feather , easy care , wears like iron , but a b***h to knit with . . The blanket for Max and Stef's baby is coming along nicely too . With that one there's plenty of time before it's needed so I can take a break with other knitting .

Last week I splurged on some new yarn . Valerie & her mom ( Wandering Cat Yarns ) had been busy dyeing up some new yarn for their etsy store . I had a peek and saw this beauty . It's the prettiest lilac / mauve colour . It was a must have . It arrived today and completely lives up to my expectations . I have 2 shawls in mind for this , it's a toss up depending on yardage . So far the frontrunner is Arabella . I just have to get done with the other WIPs . I MUST NOT cast on for anything else !


Anonymous said...

Your new yarn looks lovely. What a pretty color.

lexa said...

Pretty new yarn!

That boucle stuff is a pain. I knit with Bernat Baby Boucle once, I think, a poncho years back when we first took over the yarn shop and they were in style. It's still there, lol, and it was a PAIN to work with. They've since discontinued the Baby Boucle.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oooh I can't wait to see what you make with it! Fluffy Cat is my absolute favourite base!

Donna M said...

Gorgeous colour yarn. So hard not to start something right away when you get new yarn!