Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catching up

Last week ended on some high notes after the sad beginning . On Friday evening , Jessey's cousin Liam made his entrance into the world . It was a surprise , he's a month early , but hey when you're ready , you're ready ! All went well for mom and baby . He is on the tiny side, weighing in at 4.7 lbs , but he's healthy and at home with his parents . It'll take a few months till he fits the sweater that I knit for him .

Saturday we attended a wedding of one of Max's friends . It was a beautiful wedding .We had a blast at the reception afterwards ! It's been a long time since I danced so much .

Max and Abe have been buddies since elementary school . They were always hanging around together here and at Abe's moms' place through high school .They always kept in touch later even though their lives diverged . Max had moved to Alberta for a couple of years and they still kept that bond. Max always called him my "other brother " . His bride Annie is a real sweetheart , funny , down to earth , kind and pretty . Can you believe that her grandmother made her wedding dress ? I wish them many years of happiness !

Knitting wise there are now 2 baby blankets in progress . One is for my grand baby -to -be , and this second one is for Shirley's grandson Sidney in Alberta . She'll be heading out west in a couple of weeks to celebrate his first birthday . She'd started this blanket , but is totally overwhelmed with the end of the school year reports , meetings , planning for next year and is running out of time to get it done . I offered to get it done before she leaves . I'm rotating working on them . If you add them together I have about 30 inches of baby blanket knit . That would be almost enough for one complete blanket . I'm anxious to get them done so that I can get back to regularly scheduled shawl and sock knitting . There's also a cute little baby sweater waiting in the wings . Knit , knit , knit .....


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that baby blanket. Could you tell me what the yarn is?

Sounds like you had a busy and wonderful week. What a beautiful bride!

Donna M said...

Looks like a lovely wedding!

Such fun,knitting for little ones. They always grow and need something new!

Not ready for handspun said...

Pretty, pretty colour for a baby blanket.

I can definitely relate to your "Knit Knit Knit" feeling. The first half of the blanket is always more fun than the second half!

lexa said...

Small baby! But that's what happens when they're early, I guess. I have the urge to knit a baby blanket, I do have a cousin who is expecting. But I've got a couple of other things to finish up first.

Louise said...

The baby blanket looks sooo soft! What is the yarn? What a good friend you are to offer to help with the knitting.