Friday, July 30, 2010

Is July almost over !

I've been in a bit of a funk lately , feeling kinda meh , which has meant no blogging . Mike is away on a fishing expedition up in northern Quebec for a couple of weeks . I'm always a little out of sorts when he's away . Anyway enough of that .

I haven't been knitting very much , still have the baby blanket , a baby sweater and a shawl on the needles . Just to make life interesting I cast on for another pair if socks . At least Mike's socks are done so I feel a little less guilty about starting another project . Speaking of which ....

I'm disappointed in the yarn . There was a problem with the colour sequence about half through the ball . You can see the wheels fall off the bus at the midpoint of the foot of the top sock in the photo. Till that point they matched up pretty well . Mike had seen them in progress and said that he's quite happy just to be getting them and that the matchiness is not an issue for him . Isn't he good , I think I'll keep him !

This weekend I'm staying at Max's to dog sit Zeus and Alaska . They have a beautiful deck and a pool and with the weekend weather looking promising , let's see if I can get at least one more project finished by Monday .

Have a good weekend !


Anonymous said...

The socks are so CUTE!

Have a great weekend. Knitting by the pool sounds like a great idea.

Monika said...

So sorry you feel out of sorts. At least you've got a nice setting for knitting or reading. I hope it's warm enough for swimming too!

Louise said...

I think the heat has everyone out of sorts. I think the socks look great. Enjoy your knitting by the pool!