Sunday, July 4, 2010

A rare weekend post

I just had to post because I finished the red blanket . I finished it a couple of days ago and it's packed away in Shirley's suitcase . She's leaving for Red Deer tomorrow morning . She's so excited to be visiting her son and his family . They'll be having a big party to celebrate Sidney's first birthday . I 'm looking forward to talking to her on Skype and getting to see the changes in the little guy since Christmas .
Speaking of Skype , have I ever mentioned how much I love it ! I'm able to video call my dad in Austria whenever I want . It costs nothing from computer to computer . You can call landlines or mobile phones for a minimal cost . I have a subscription for unlimited minutes to Europe for $5.95 CDN /month . I'm saving a bundle on long distance calls . Plus it's so nice to be able to see the person that you're talking to .
It'll be quiet around here as Casey and Chantal have rented a condo in Hampton Beach NH for a week . Jessey will get his first taste of the beach and the ocean . I'm missing the little guy like crazy . Casey promised to call on Skype so that we can get our Jessey fix . I looked at the weather forecast for Hampton Beach , boy , did they ever luck into perfect beach weather , sunny and hot , hot , hot . Ditto for here . That means that without air conditioning very little real work will get done here . Yours truly will be enjoying the pool , sipping cold beverages and trying to find a cool shady spot to read or knit . Such a hard life ! Man , I love summer !


Not ready for handspun said...

Congratulations on finishing the blanket on time. It looks great, and a vibrant red like that should provide lots of visual stimulation for the little one.

Hmm, cold drinks by the pool, reading and knitting ... now that's a plan for the summer!

Monika said...

How nice for your friend to see her family, and get to take the blanket with her!
Vacation on a beach sounds good to me right now, your family is very lucky!
I can't believe how hot it's going to get this week! I wont be doing much hard work outside either. The deck gets too hot during the day, and thank god for the pool! :o)
Enjoy your summer.

Donna M said...

The blanket looks lovely! You must be pleased to mark that off your to do list!
Isn't the summer just beautiful? We are really enjoying ours here as well! Also hoping it keeps up when our kids and grankdids arrive in 10 days!

Anonymous said...

I will read up a little later, but wanted to let you know ----- you guessed correctly. I am in Philadelphia!