Monday, January 24, 2011

Brrrrr , a cold Monday

Today was just too darn cold go anywhere if you don't have to , so I spent the day at home with my knitting , enjoying the warmth of the sun streaming into the kitchen . I did have to go out briefly to bring Jessey to daycare because Chantal's car wouldn't start . But that really wasn't a hardship because I got extra Jessey kisses as payment . We had planned to do some skiing but the extreme temperatures put an end to that . The stationary bike was the alternative for today .

This is the hat and scarf set for Sidney that I had planned to sent out to Alberta in time for Christmas . I only had to knit a couple of inches more on the scarf and weave in the ends but it just hung around in the knitting basket . Bad, bad bad . It'll be in the mail tomorrow .
Also in the mail tomorrow will be this trio of socks for the Warm Hands Network . The box is packed and ready to go . I've started another pair and am looking through the stash for yarn to knit some mittens . I also finished Mike's hat , but that's for another post .
So all in all a pretty productive day . It'll be slightly warmer here tomorrow so maybe we can head out on the skis . Till next time ...


Anonymous said...

Cute projects.

I love that red pair of socks.

lexa said...

I had to go to work today or else I wouldn't have left the house! The wind chill made it feel like almost -30C, the coldest day for us so far this winter. I didn't leave the store til quitting time. The guy who always does our mail run was off today, and I wouldn't go get it, it can wait til tomorrow, lol.

Our heat wasn't working properly, it was so cold in the store all day. I dug an old poncho out of the discount basket and wore that almost all day. We had trouble with the heat last week, trust it to kick out again on the coldest day yet. Our cold water pipe in the front sink was frozen solid, too. It isn't supposed to last -- Thursday's forecast is for +7C and rain!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

A very productive day, I'd say.

I think I'd choose the stationery bike over skiing if your windchills are into the -40°s like ours!

Donna M said...

What a lovely hat and scarf project. I'm guessing the recipient won't be upset that it's late!

Louise said...

Lots of finished projects!! Now you can start something new!