Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday round up

I've been away from the blog so I'm just trying to play catch up here . Life has been good since I finally kicked that nasty cold that plagued me for the last few weeks of 2010 . The weather hasn't been too awful and we have enough snow to break in the new cross country skis . Or rather , to break in my badly out of shape body . The 'goals' for 2011 to eat healthier and exercise more are off to a good start . I've lost 3lbs and am exercising regularly . Not a lot , but it's a start . I'm biking on the stationary bike that has been a clothes rack in the family room for the last few years . Mike and I are going skiing a couple of times a week . And big news , I'm enjoying it and it's not torture any more . The first few outings were definitely on the torturous side and had me wondering if this purchase of skis was wise . I found this fabulous web site that has been the biggest help in keeping me focused and motivated . It's early days yet but I feel like I might actually be able to stick to this and get off all of the meds for high blood pressure and diabetes . If some excess weight comes off , bonus !

The knitting has been going really well too . I've finished three pairs of socks for the Warm Hands Network , finally got Jessey's blanket for the car done , and am working on a hat for Mike . I have to take photos of the socks and update my ravelry page but here's the blanket . It's cosy and warm and best of all Jessey loves it .

Just because I think he's the cutest little baby and I love him to pieces I'll end this post with a picture of Mason . He's already six weeks old ! He's losing that baby bird preemie look and filling out quite nicely . Jessey is quite smitten with him but will tell me to give him back to Max if he's getting too much attention from Omi . Little monkey !
Have a wonderful weekend !


Anonymous said...

Jesse's blanket is beautiful. I love that bright red color.

Mason's phot is so sweet!

Louise said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start this year. Keep up the great work! You have been busy knitting - socks plus a blanket, wow!

lexa said...

Love the blanket, and the little baby is just the cutest little fella!!

I've wanted snowshoes since I was in my teens. I almost got some for Christmas, but it's just as well I didn't. We haven't had enough snow to ski or snowshoe, the most we've had at once is 2", and it melts within a day or two. Yesterday we got 2", then it turned to rain and rained almost all of it away, now we've got a cold snap for the next four days, so everything is nothing but ice!! The poor kids want to go coasting so badly, but there's never any snow.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Getting over the "torture" phase is a big step! And that looks like one very cozy blanket!