Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sum Total

This is it , the sum total of my knitting over the last week or so . Like everyone else on the eastern side of the continent we had a fairly big dump of snow last Wednesday. Since then we've had an equal amount dispersed in smaller quantities just about every day . All of which has added up to an awful lot of shoveling . The up side is that the skiing has been phenomenal . When we're not shoveling or skiing , there's been baby sitting , Mike's birthday which was celebrated on three different days last week with all the attendant hoopla , and a Super Bowl party . Let's just say I'm too tired to pick up the needles lately. I didn't even turn on the computer for four days , which is very unusual for me . Today I've stayed in my pj's and had a down day . I picked up my blanket for Stella and did a pattern repeat or two . I should be able to get it done by sometime next week if , big if , I don't start something new .

In case you're wondering the socks are pair #4 for the Warm Hands Network . They're knit with Regia Mosaik 6 ply . On the right is a Calorimetry which I knit for me. The hat I usually wear for skiing was too warm sometimes and I thought this might be a good solution . I wore it on the weekend when it was a little milder , it was perfect .

Here's a couple of pics of Omi's little helper . The snow plow very obliging made a hill of snow at the end of the street and Jessey had a blast sliding down it , then having a snowball fight with Grandpa Mike .


Donna M said...

Love the Calorimetry!! And your dear little helper!
Enjoy the skiing!

lexa said...

What a cute little helper you have there!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Well at least you had some help with all that snow!

Knitting Goddesses Knitting Guild said...

I have the Calorimetry on my list to knit. Just have to find some extra knitting time.