Monday, February 28, 2011

Works in slow progress

After January's really good knitting output , February has brought a decidedly lacklustre showing . Lots of things started , nothing finished .There were only 2 small projects completed , those little brown mittens and a pair of socks for the WHN from a previous post .

The blanket needs tinking back about 6 rows to correct a mistake that I just didn't see until it was 6 rows behind me . Probably no one else would notice the error , But I see it , so tink it is .

The red mittens are a thumb and the top of the hand away from completion . These are made from a skein of my Briggs & Little stash . I'm not loving it , it's rough and feels horrible when I knit with it . I bought a bunch of this stuff on a trip to New Brunswick a couple of years ago . A lot of people swear by it for mittens, hats and socks , but I hold off judgement till the mittens have had a wash .

The baby sweater needs the second sleeve set in , the side seams , snaps for the closures and a button sewn on . I just don't enjoy seaming and am my own worst critic . To seam that one little sleeve probably took me the better part of two hours .

With all these works in progress , what did I do last night while watching the Oscars !? Yup , that 's right , I cast on another pair of socks . I really like knitting socks and the best part , no seaming . Maybe knitting these will bring back the motivation to get the other WIPs done , or not ....


Minding My Own Stitches said...

I think you'll like the Briggs & Little better after a wash or two. I knit a sweater from it, and just love it straight from the washer/dryer. It only felted a bit and shrank about 10% smaller.

I agree with you about tinking back - if you see it, it's gonna bug you! Frustrating though!

Donna M said...

If I see a mistake, it then looks gigantic and although everyone tells me you can't notice it, I too tink!

Good luck with your wips. Love the new socks!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Every once in a while - you just gotta cast on!

lexa said...

B&L is quite rough. I've got some to make the boys mittens. They'll be warm as warm can be, that's for sure. I figure they'll have to wear those little stretchy gloves inside, I'm sure they'll complain if not. (Especially the Oldest One - he can't stand itchy yarn!)