Friday, June 3, 2011

Rounding out the week

Gah ! The weather gods are certainly toying with us this spring . After having warm, sunny days at the beginning of the week we've come back to SSDD (Same S**t Different Day / Still Soggy Different Day). Rain , with the addition of gale force winds . I thought that we'd lose the gazebo and the BBQ yesterday . Today it's sunny , still windy , and cool enough to wear socks and a sweater when I go for my walk . I shouldn't complain because at least we haven't been flooded out for 40 days like the people living near St-Jean-sur -Richelieu . I don't remember ever having floods that lasted that long . They've asked for volunteers to go help with the clean up over the next two weekends . A good turn out is expected .

During last month's blog silence there was knitting happening here . I have two pairs of socks for the Warm Hands Network completed with one pair almost done . The first ones are these bright red socks . I stole/borrowed the idea for the multi-coloured cuff from Lynn of mindingmyownstitches . She had knit a pair using up some remnants from a previous knit and a single from her stash . What I particularly like about her socks was the stripe at the toe . Thanks Lynn for a great idea , hope you don't mind that I borrowed it .

The second ones are just a simple garter rib pattern with some yarn gifted to me by my dad that's been in the stash for awhile .It's called Anna Belle College . It was very nice to work with . I really like the colourway , that orange stripe particularly pleases me . I think that's the last of that brand that I have . I'll have to ask Dad to bring me some more on his next visit . That's why the sock yarn stash doesn't go down , it's all my father's fault !

Anyway , that's it for today , the rest can wait for another day . Have a wonderful weekend !


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Borrow away! I'm sure I wasn't the first to add a stripe at the toe and I won't be the last. It's a great way to use up the 20 grams or less of sock yarn I always seem to have leftover. Your socks look very cheery, and they're sure to be appreciated!

lexa said...

I'll have to keep that in mind for the Warm Hands socks -- using a variagated for the cuff. I have lots of odd small balls. Good idea. :)

Donna M said...

Some body is going to be happy to get such nice warm cheery socks!

Anonymous said...

Cute socks, especially the striped toe!

Could you send some of that rain this way. We sure could use some.