Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A new month

Thank heavens ! Maybe the month of June will be better than May . It was a month of literally never ending rain , cool temperatures , and grey depressing days .It just got me so down ! We did manage to get the vegetable garden planted in between rain drops and get some of the yard work completed . I've just been itching to get outside and enjoy some sun . We need it after our long winter .

Aside from the crappy weather we had a scare with two month old Stella having to be hospitalized because of a high fever . They did a battery of tests , including a spinal tap to rule out meningitis , but they didn't show anything conclusive . After a series of antibiotics the fever came down . She's been home for a couple of days and seems to be fine .

I was able to finish my shawl in time for our trip to Maine for Sarah's wedding in mid May . It turned out just the way I'd hoped . The photo doesn't really show the true colours , they're much deeper and richer . I love the gentle curve , it drapes beautifully over your shoulders . The yarn was Regia Lace . It was a surprise find at my LYS . It was a very nice yarn to work with and had a generous 600 metres per 100g ball . Unfortunately I don't have any model shots of me wearing it , but it was absolutely perfect with my dress . Don't you love it when that happens !

There is more knitting to show you , some completed , some in progress , but I'll leave that for another day . Right now game one of the Stanley Cup final series is on and I can't miss that . Go Canucks !!!!


Donna M said...

Love the shawl! Great job!

Nice to see the sun the past couple of days. Way too much rain and fog and grey dismal weather!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Glad to hear Stella is doing well. The shawl is beautiful.
And I am definitely welcoming the sun with open (sunburnt) arms!

Susanne said...

The shawl is beautiful, I love the color and the form.
Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I appreciate your comments.
I am glad to hear that the baby is better. Enjoy the summer time.

Louise said...

The shawl looks great!