Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Roundup

It was a long weekend here in Quebec where we celebrated St. Jean Baptiste day or as the sovereignists prefer to call it Fete Nationale (National Holiday )
As per usual this summer the weather was horrible with torrential rains and storms . We were able to salvage one day , yesterday , which was hot , humid and SUNNY . Perfect pool weather . Mike and I took advantage of the nice weather and went for an early morning bike ride and then just chilled with some cool drinks and enjoyed the backyard . Later on Max & Stef dropped by with Mason for a BBQ . Mason was able to take his first dip in the pool , a little chilly (76 degrees) but refreshing . Casey and Chantal had been invited to some friends for the celebrations. We were able to get in the BBQing but not long after dinner the heavens opened up again . No need to water the lawn so far this year .

Thanks to the quiet and rainy days I was able to finish Stella's socks and cast on another pair for Shirley's grand daughter Emma .
Today , I'm catching up on the chores after a lazy weekend . No biking today , my behind needs a day off . It's too hot and muggy today anyway , and guess what , more late afternoon storms in the forecast . The plan for the rest of the day is sock knitting and swimming . Oh and enjoying a little of this ...
fresh Quebec strawberries and Saskatoon berries from our backyard bush . You have no idea how hard I have to fight off the robins to get a handful of berries . I'm happy as long as they let me get a few ;-) .
Have a good day !


Anonymous said...

Your grandson is adorable!

We've been having those same crazy storms in the afternoons. No watering needed here either.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

At least you got one day! We keep rescheduling things because of evening thunderstorms :( But you're right, my garden has been totally loving this weather. I don't think the flowers have ever been this good!

lexa said...

It's raining here right now, but the past two days have been well over 30C, hot, hot, hot and muggy! Too much for my likings. We need to get our pool up and running. Hubs wants to move it first, so I think he'd best get cracking this weekend!