Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy dancing !

I finished  the latest baby blanket yesterday and I absolutely love it ! The yarn , the pattern and the colour which is the exact shade of pink I was looking for .To my surprise Stef chose to decorate the baby's room in lilac , but there is pink in the duvet cover , so it matches pretty well . The Ruffled Ridges pattern by Bev Galeskas is a joy to knit . I used Berocco Vintage because in my experience it has the perfect combination of easy care acrylic content with the warmth of wool .

 It speaks volumes for the pattern that I continued knitting despite the fact that we , along with much of the eastern and central part of the continent are experiencing a heat wave with temperatures in the mid thirties Celsius and the humidex reaching the mid forties Celsius . We are lucky that while we don't have central air conditioning , we do have a pool . It has finally been getting some use after our  rainy spring and beginning of summer .

This is the perfect time to work on a small project  . I have one of Emma's socks done and hope to get the second one off the needles by Monday  . I'm just itching to cast on another baby cardigan  .

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool !


lexa said...

Today started off rainy, but now it's sunny and beautiful. Tomorrow, however, we have a humidex warning. I don't like it when it's like that at all, and our house gets like an oven except for the rec room and our bedroom, the only two rooms with AC.

Love the blanket!

Anonymous said...

Your baby blanket turned out lovely.

I like how the pink POPS against the duvet cover. It's just perfect!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

The blanket is perfect! Well done! Lots of girl-y pinks going on!

Donna M said...

Love it!! Beautiful colour!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the blanket! Did you guys get the storms that finally cooled things off a bit? It's still hot here, but not humid like it was.