Friday, January 17, 2014

A Friday Finish

Thank you for the welcome back and for all the words of encouragement  . It was so very nice and I really appreciated it  . It was such a difficult post for me , to try and find the line of what I was comfortable sharing online .

That being said , I have been busy this week trying to decrease the WIPs from my ravelry page , lest they become UFOs . One done and at least four more to go .

These socks were intended as a Christmas gift for Jessey  . He had asked me for some blue socks to wear inside his boots . I think I'll knit him another pair with a heavier weight yarn the next time around . They are warmer than regular socks but still , with the frigid temps we've had thicker ones would be better . An Omi's work is never done !  ;-)

While I was going looking through the stash for the baby hats from the last post , I found four balls of Berroco  Blackstone Tweed that I bought In Vermont a few years ago . I'm getting a head start on the Christmas knitting with a cardigan for Charlie . I have enough yarn to knit the Miss Marple cardigan in the 2 to 3 year old size . I realize that it will be a tad on the large size as she'll only be 15 months old by next Christmas , but  she'll grow into it and get more wear out of it .

I love this cardigan ! You knit the fronts and back all at once  from the bottom and then you pick up the stitches for the sleeves at the armhole and knitting short rows to form the sleeve cap . The sleeves will be the most challenging part I think , another new technique for me ...

I spent the morning baking chocolate chip cookies for a bake sale . Stella is taking part in a little dance show tomorrow afternoon and some of us were asked to help out with the refreshments for afterwards . It should be fun ! Trying hard to keep Mike's fingers out of the cookie tin , the man has some sweet tooth .

Have a wonderful weekend !


Anonymous said...

The blue socks look quite snuggly!

I'm with Mike. Homemade cookies are impossible to resist!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Love the blue socks. If you want something heavier than you may want to try holding two strands of fingering weight together on 3.75 mm needles. The socks really are nicely thick, and much more comfy than I would ever have guessed.

Way to go, starting now for Christmas 2014! I feel like I'm chronically behind!