Friday, January 24, 2014

Sweet Barley

It's been so darn cold outside this week  that the best thing to do is stay inside , drink lots of hot tea and knit. Which is exactly what I've done for the most part this week . I did have to brave the cold a couple of mornings in order to bring Mason to daycare and  to babysit Jessey and Stella . She'd been running a low fever and was coughing , so Chantal asked if I could babysit . Jessey thought that since I was going to be there that he would keep us company . We spent a very nice day together . I don't get to see them as much as I'd like so it was definitely a treat .

I finished another hat for my grand daughter Charlie this week . This one is knit with some worsted weight yarn that I had leftover from the Entrechat shrugs that I knitted for Roxanne's daughters . The pattern is Barley from tincanknits'  Simple Collection . I just love how this turned out ! The pompom really adds to the cuteness factor IMHO .

I 've put Charlie's Miss Marple on hold while I knit another blanket for her .The cardigan only needs to be done in time for Christmas , so a little time out won't matter . I wanted a change and some mindless knitting , with the added bonus of getting six balls of yarn out of the cupboard , was just the ticket . I'm so fickle like that . I'm a little more than half done , I'm hoping that the end of the weekend will see another cuddly blanket in Charlie's crib .


Wanderingcatstudio said...

The hat is very cute - and a sweet colour!

Anonymous said...

Pom poms make everything cuter, especially in pink!

lexa said...

It has been too cold here, too, to do anything but stay inside! The kids got two days off of school this week, that hasn't happened for several years. We had a blizzard all day Wednesday, it didn't stop snowing til 10pm, so they didn't get the roads cleared up on time, they got Thursday off as well. It turned out to be sunny, but it was cold.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Something about garter stitch that is just so comforting :) Hopefully the baby is comforted as well.

Good for you - a blanket and six balls out of stash! I should get off my butt and get working on something big to stash bust!