Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Hi , this has been the kind of day where you just want to hunker down, enjoy a cup of tea and pick up your knitting . It's kind of cold and windy with snow , ice pellets and the freezing rain forecast for later this afternoon . I went out to do some errands , then came home and shovelled the light dusting of snow in the driveway and walkway . I decided to make some pea soup before I did actually sit down with the aforementioned cup of tea and knitting .

I've got three WIPs sitting on my coffee table in various stages of completion . The one that I will be picking up after this post is the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief . It is very close to being done I think  , with one more stockinette section before the final eyelet section and cast off . The yarn is leftover from the Hitchhiker shawl that I had knit last year .

Then there are my plain vanilla socks which I am knitting on 9 inch circulars . I bought the needles on a whim  and find that vanilla socks just fly with these . I have difficulty purling with them , that would be the downside , but otherwise enjoy using them. Next up ...
 are the Woodstack mittens from this amazing book  entitled Within . I just love every single pattern in it . Yeah that's right all I need to finish these is to do the thumbs . They have been at this stage for over a week , but I will get them done this week !

That's it for today , on to my knitting  , till next time ...



Anonymous said...

Stay safe and warm and dry ............knitting all day sounds like the perfect thing to do with weather like you are having.

Did you use fingering weight yarn for the Age of Brass and Steam. It is lovely in that colorway.

I tried those 9" needles. I just could not get comfortable with them. Mine ended up at the charity store. Maybe someone ELSE will love them.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

All we got was rain, but an hour north (Toronto) they got lots of ice.
Still a good day to stay in and knit. Hope you're being productive and keeping warm.

Judy S. said...

I absolutely love the colors in those socks! Your mittens have a very interesting stitch pattern, too. No wonder you want to finish these WIPs. They are beautiful! Stay warm.