Friday, June 1, 2007

Blame it on the rain

I finally finished the child's socks for sam3kal . If it wouldn't have been for our wet weather keeping me out of the garden , they'd probably still be on the needles. I'm fully aware that any true gardener wouldn't let a little rain deter them , but I'm like my cats who figure there really is no need to get wet unnecessarily . I used Briggs & Little Tuffy for the blue socks . I have mixed feelings about this yarn . It's very sturdy , relatively inexpensive and durable . I'm sure it makes warm garments and such , but I find it hard on my hands . There's no glide on the needles and the end product feels a little scratchy . It should soften some with washing . I have lots more in my stash which I'll probably use up to make mittens and more socks. This yarn comes from a mill in New Brunswick , and being that's my husband Mike's home province I see more of this yarn coming to my stash in the future . After all we have to support our "local" businesses. The red socks were knit with Elann 's Peruvian Highland Wool . they're much softer, but I'm wondering about the durability . Hope that they both keep a little child's feet warm.

I have to get some of my WIP finished up . I'm getting uncomfortable with the number of unfinished knits I have lying around the house. I think first up will be my Spring Things shawl . I'd worked on it lately , after having bought a set of the Addi lace needles . I love them , the elongated tip makes for much easier ssk and p2tog . I found a mistake on my last row and put the shawl aside again . There's also the Angel Beaded Scarf from Sivia Harding , that's about 3/4 done , not to mention various socks and Max's cardigan , which just needs a collar and a zipper. Also Stef''s hat which needs undoing and then knit up just a little longer . Last ,but definitely , not least , my Sockapalooza socks . This list isn't in order of priority , just a reminder , so that I don't get tempted to cast on for any other project . I MUST finish at least one project I must finish , I must finish , repeat after me .....

One interesting thing that I discovered this week was the KnitPicks Knitting Room podcast . I listened to the last episode yesterday afternoon as I was finishing up my socks . The subject of this episode (english versus continental style knitting) struck home for me because I knit neither way and have always been self-conscious when knitting in public . I've always received sometimes not so nice comments about the "weird " way I knit . This is one of the reasons why I've never taken any knitting classes . I'm a self-taught knitter. I keep the yarn in my left hand and sort of throw with my left as well . When I started out I had a book or diagram in front of me and this was the easiest way to keep an eye on the book and the needles at the same time . It's habit . I've tried knitting continental , and find it much easier than the english method , but always revert back to my habitual way of knitting . It all works the way it's supposed to , just another way of getting there . At this point in my life I no longer care what other people say . It works for me and that's it . I'm still learning new things all the time and derive a lot of enjoyment from knitting . As the song says .... I'll do it my way !

Boy this has been a long-winded post . Blame it on the rain .


Dipsy Doodle said...

These little socks are so cute! I'm really surprised that you've received not so nice comments about the way you're knitting - people never cease to amaze me with their dumbness! I'm afraid I'd freak out totally if someone told me the way I knit isn't the "right" way or the "correct" way or whatnot. I mean, everyone's got their own style, and why in all the world should the way we hold our needles or stitches should make a difference? Who's entitled to tell us what's right or wrong anyway? It's the result that counts, and we have to feel comfortable with the way we're knitting, right? So I'm really glad to hear that you're getting to be much cooler towards such statements - just ignore them, really!

Suzanne said...

That is just how I knit! I am fairly new at knitting, and also self-taught myself from a book, and then just sort of figured out on my own what felt right. I realized when trying to learn more complicated stitches that I didn't seem to knit like anyone else, either English or Continental, and I wondered if anyone else knitting that way (yarn in the left hand, but "throwing" instead of picking). Glad there is someone else!