Monday, June 18, 2007

Sockapalooza sock # 1

Here's how far I've come with the socks for Sockapalooza . You'll notice that the heel is not a short row heel as was mentioned in my previous post . I don't know whether last weeks' heat addled my brains , but I could not , for love or money, produce a passable short row heel . God knows I tried. After much muttering , ripping out and re-knitting , I decided that my standard heel flap was going to have to do . I'm sure I'll attempt some short row heels at some point in my life , just not now for my sanity's sake .

There are some other projects in the works , one of which is a stole to match my dress for Casey's wedding . I've ordered some lace weight yarn , which hopefully will arrive soon. I have a couple of patterns in mind , but will decide when I actually have the yarn at hand . I've also joined another sock KAL , so definitely more socks . Before knitting became my creative obsession , I used to do a lot of counted cross stitch . I've promised a friend that I would complete a cross stitch project that been languishing in her closet for awhile. In exchange she will complete a knitted afghan for me. I'd started this afghan about 3 years ago , it's about 70% done , but it's still in my work basket . I've come to the conclusion that I sometimes have the attention span of a flea and that I should never start any very large projects because I'm bound to lose interest. Hence the restless needles.

With the summer heat also comes a certain inclination to sit in a comfy chair in the shade with a cool drink and a good book . I have so many books in my to be read list ( have to stay away from Chapters ) . Mysteries / whodunits are my guilty pleasure and easy summer reads . You can see the sidebar for a look at what I've been reading lately


Monika said...

Your sock looks perfectly allright! I don't like most short row heels, except for the jojo heel when knitting toe ups. I feel the same, would like to sit and read, not much interest in knitting right now. ;o)

Dipsy Doodle said...

These socks are coming along really beautifully! I think your decision to do your tried-and-true heel pattern was the best one - I've tried short row heels too and just didn't enjoy it in the least, neither the knitting itself nor the fit - I'm back to the basic heel version too and pretty happy with that ;)
I so agree with you, knitting just isn't that much fun when it's so hot outside - no matter how deep into the shades I retreat, I'm still sweating and have these sticky needles and all - sitting and reading sure is the thing to do on these hot days!