Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dog versus skunk

Here it is Tuesday morning and and no knitting progress to show. Life has been getting in the way . This weekend we've finally gotten a taste of normal summer weather ; hot , hot , hot ! I'm loving it ! We had a very nice BBQ on Saturday with our friends . It was just so nice to be able to kick back and enjoy the summer evening. Until the mosquitoes sent us running back inside , that is .

The house building is going really well . Casey's on vacation right now , so he's been doing quite a bit everyday. He and Max were able to get in a game of golf , so it hasn't been all work and no play . All the plastering has been done inside , the ceramic floors have been laid . The big push this weekend will be the hardwood floors inside and the exterior siding . There will be a big crew again this weekend . I've been spoiled the last couple of weeks with fewer mouths to feed , giving me some free time .

It seems as if I spent all that free time going clothes shopping . My wardrobe needs a boost and I really had to find a dress for Casey's wedding . Good news, found it and of all places at The Bay ! I'm so happy I could sing ! It seems crazy to be shopping for this now as the wedding is only Jan. 2 , 2008 , but try and find summer apparel in October . Some of the stores are already getting in their Fall lines at the end of this month .

Yesterday morning Alaska had a run in with a skunk . Let me tell you the score , skunk 1 , Alaska 0 . Poor dog he got hit right in the face . Max had let him off the leash , just before coming into the house . Apparently, the skunk was having a bit of a snooze just in front of the house under our mailbox . Alaska probably thought Spooky was out and went to say hi . Max, half asleep , didn't realize right away either what it actually was , by then the damage had been done . To make matters worse some of that lovely smelling stuff got onto our welcome mat and consequently the newspaper , which Mike , not thinking clearly , brought into the house. As it 's been so warm the windows were all open , so he couldn't really distinguish inside smells from outside smells . I was outside trying to help Max with the tomato juice bath ; when I came in to get more juice , I saw Mike calmly reading the paper . I don't think anyone has ever moved as quickly as I did , newspaper , tablecloth, under pad, everything into the garbage . Let me tell you , it was a long day. Alaska had numerous baths . I had to scrub down the front entrance as well as part of the back patio . I just have to say , thank god that vets open early . We were able to get some very effective odour neutralizing products so that what could have been a very smelly house and dog are really none the worse for an early morning encounter with a skunk .

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Monika said...

Wow, heard this could happen, never (thank god) experienced it. Does tomato juice really help?