Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Birthday boy

Well I'm still here...barely . This month has been exceptionally busy so I really haven't had time to blog , read blogs or knit for that matter . The progress on Mike's socks is ever so slow .When I do have a few minutes I'm just too tired to concentrate on knitting . I'm hoping that changes soon , I'd really like to get my groove back , knitting and otherwise.

Yesterday we celebrated Max's birthday.Both the boys and their ladies were here for dinner and birthday cake . I so enjoyed having them all here . We always had family dinners when they were growing up and I'm so glad that they're still always happy to share a meal and spend some time together . Those past dinners were not always harmonious , Casey and Max have very different personalities and believe me they did their share of arguing and fighting , but I believe those dinners strengthened the family ties . I'm so very happy that they found their way to being friends as well as brothers . The bonus is that both Stefanie and Chantal have also become friends .

Anyway , enough of that sappy stuff , I've got to get back to my never-ending fence painting . I really think that there's some vindictive little garden elf that comes in the dead of night and keeps making that d*** fence longer . Yesterday I ran out of paint with only about 10 boards left to paint . I tell you there is an elf !

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lexa said...

Glad the birthday dinner was fun! Hope you get the fence painted and that the elves take a break. :) Have a good weekend.