Tuesday, October 2, 2007

On the fly

Well the birthday month is over ! Think that life will quieten down enough to get some knitting in ? Not so much... Mike's socks , the Japanese Feather stole , all still on hold . That's not even mentioning a scarf that's been on hiatus since last spring and the spring things shawl , we won't go there as we're in which season now.

Today my father arrives for a visit . He's flying in from Austria and will stay until the end of October . Needless to say , he's anxious to see us all. Casey and Max are especially looking forward to showing off their new homes . As of last Thursday Max and Stefanie are officially mortgage holders and home owners . We spent last week-end at their house painting it from top to bottom . Both families showed up en masse to help , so everything painting wise was done by Sunday evening . Max is changing all the mouldings and baseboards. He'll be doing that every evening after work , hoping to get done by next Saturday, which is moving day. I'll be going over to paint the trim , whenever I get a spare minute in the next few days.

I'm really , really , really hoping that next week I'll have a little bit of time to just breathe ....and maybe knit . But oh , I forgot, there's a wedding shower to plan and get going on . What's the old saying " no rest for the wicked ". I must be really bad !

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JenW!~ said...

sure sounds like you are one busy lady. Have a great visit with your Dad.