Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A finished knit !

Looks like the knitting mojo is slowly returning. I actually have a finished knit to show ; actually technically 2 knits , but only one Christmas gift . This hat and scarf are intended for Max . Of my two sons he's the one who really appreciates the hand knits . This isn't a great picture of the colour , nicer in reality . I'll have to improve my picture taking skills. The scarf pattern is the Corrugator scarf . I loved it , it was just what the doctor ordered to get my knitting groove back .

Today is just the most beautiful warm and sunny day .So unusual for the end of October . I just came back from along walk with
Bingo and Alaska . Max has brought the new puppy in to see the vet at the SPCA . Little guy is coughing and sneezing quite a bit . He called to say the diagnosis is kennel cough , so he'll need a round of antibiotics . Apparently the mucus discharge is contagious , but only if the other animal has direct contact . I'm keeping my fingers crossed that none of the other dogs get sick .

Better start getting ready for the Halloween onslaught . We should have lots of kiddies tonight with such a mild night . Happy Haunting !


Monika said...

Poor little one, hope the cough will be gone soon, and that none of the others gets it!
The hat and scarf look just right, very manly. ;o) Happy Halloween!

lexa said...

Last night was a perfect night here for trick or treating. It's warm today, like +15C, but extremely windy and raining now. (So glad Halloween was last night! I wouldn't want to go door-to-door today.)