Thursday, October 18, 2007

Catching up !

I have just a few minutes today to write a post . Life has just been too busy lately .It also doesn't help that I've got a case of the blahs , which always seems to hit me in October . I usually get a humdinger of a cold to accompany the blahs , but have escaped so far . The unseasonably warm weather has probably helped to stave it off. No complaints as this will lower the heating costs unless we later get unusually harsh winter weather . Keeping fingers crossed for a mild winter.
My father has been here a couple of weeks and that means little time to myself with meal preparation and extra visitors and just in general catching up . The house is always full and in all honesty I'll be glad for a little peace and quiet . Don't I sound like a grump !
Max and Stefanie 's move into their new house went very well . It's such a cute little place and they've made it very homey and welcoming . Alaska has adjusted well to his new digs too , but I miss him lots . I usually go over to walk him during the day and he goes crazy when he hears me open the door . He knows a walk is coming .
Mike's socks are finally done and I took a quick pic of the socks on the feet . These were started at the end of August and only completed on October 16th . So much for the SAM KAL. I hope that things will settle down once my Dad leaves and the shower for Chantal and Casey is over . One more week - hope I survive !

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Monika said...

I like the socks, and the colorway. I'm craving to knit socks, but have so much else in line first. Where's your father from in Austria?